Mooring Buoys & Marker buoys

All marker buoys are foam filled for maximum
buoyancy. Each contains twenty pounds of concrete
which adds strength to the shackle bolt insuring
superior durability in active waters.

Construction Specification:

• 48” overall height
• Upper tube 26”
• Ball diameter 18”
• Lower ballast tube 6”
• 39 lbs. total weight
• 20 lbs. ballast concrete
• Expanded polystyrene foam filled
• Replaceable stainless steel connecting pin
• Available in white, green or red
• No Wake, Slow, Danger, and Swim Area labels
are available

Flotation Specification:

• Minimum 15 lbs. ground tackle
• Maximum 93 lbs. ground tackle
• 93 lbs. buoyancy to 1” below top of ball

Mooring Buoys

The impact resistant high density
polyethylene shell is 3/16” thick filled
with expanded polystyrene foam
for the most reliable flotation. Thick
wear resistant polyethylene tube is
molded into the shell. Standard buoy
is white with a reflective blue strip.
Additional colors, graphics, reflective
tape and ballast are available. All
buoys have a two year warranty.