Dock Ladders - Multiple Styles and Sizes. 5 step Vertical Lift Dock Ladder - DownDock Ladders for Boat Docks, Piers and Floating Docks- Vertical Lift Ladder - UpDOCK LADDERS – Great Selection of Aluminum Dock Ladders: Vertical Lift Ladders, Standard Straight Ladders, Floating Dock Ladders, Finger Pier Ladders, Swing Ladders, Boat Boarding Ladders, FloatStep Dock Ladders, Angled Ladders, Flip-up Ladders and our “Wide Step” Dock Ladders.

Dock Ladders provide easy and safe access to and from boats, floating docks and to the water. Call us at 1-888-219-0112 today with any questions you may have about our dock ladders!

Dock Ladder Construction:

Aluminium Dock Ladders: The sturdy, space-saving design of our aluminum dock ladders make them a perfect choice for getting in and out of the water. Constructed from 6063 T5 Marine Grade Aluminum, 1 1/4 inch (I.D.) and 1 1/2*inch (I.D.) pile are tig welded for maximum strength. The dock ladder rungs are extruded with grooves to provide sure footing and reduce slippage. The dock ladders are ideal for fresh and salt water applications and can be used on swim platforms, floating docks, piers and seawalls. Our aluminum dock ladders have a 4 yr. structural Manufacturer’s Warranty and are available from 3 to 7 steps. Each ladder rung has a 500 lb. capacity.

WATER CLEARANCE NOTE: There is 1 ft. between each ladder rung. For example, a 3 step ladder will extend 3 ft down from the dock; 4 step – 4 ft; 5 step – 5 ft; 6 step – 6 ft, etc. (Excludes Short-based ladders – subtract 1 ft).

In addition, Lift Ladders can be locked in with the 1st rung even with the dock decking or 1 ft below giving an option, for example with a 5 step ladder – water clearance of 4 or 5 ft.

*Note: (1 1/2″ I.D. – pipe is used for the vertical pipe sections of the Lift Ladder All other “fixed” ladders are constructed with the 1 1/4″ I.D.- pipe)

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