Lifts For Jet Skis

Safe Haven boat lifts that make docking and launching your personal watercraft stress-free. Our jet ski lift designs are safe and simply to use. We are committed to helping maximize your time spent on the water and minimize the related effort and expense. Through constant innovations and high quality standards, we provide personal watercraft lifts that are safe, easy to use, low maintenance and Eco-friendly.

Safe Haven floating jet ski lifts enable you protect the hull of your watercraft from the damage due to blistering or algae growth. Also, protect sensitive metal from corrosion due to saltwater or proximity to electricity.

What Is a Jet Ski Lift?

Jet Ski and Sea-Doo are personal watercraft particularly designed to enjoy more and more in water. Before you can enjoy, you have to go through a tough job of putting your boat into the water-same level of hassle you have to bare when you want your jet ski to bring out of water.

A Jet Ski lift can lower your burden by simplifying the process of bringing watercraft in and out. It saves time, energy and allows Jet Ski owners to protect their watercraft from damages. You only have to drive in and out your jet ski from lift every time. It is a kind of boat dock accessory which lifts the water bike to save it from damages by staying in water constantly.

Why You Need a Jet Ski Lift?

A Jet Ski lift saves the watercraft from being hit with the dock or other particles while rolling on and off the water. During high-tide season or when the water level is not stable, a jet ski lift protects the craft from getting cracks, holes, debris and leaks and holds it from hitting the dock in a storm.

It also protects Jet Ski engine and lower body from getting scum or algae layers. The lifts are efficient enough to minimise the corrosion and deterioration process from 75-80%. Hence the lifespan of the watercraft increases and the owner can have a good resale value.

Varieties of Jet Ski Lifts

Jet Ski lifts are divided into three major categories which include Manual Jet Ski Lifts,

Electric Jet Ski Lifts and Floating Jet Ski Lifts.

Electric Jet Ski Lifts are most convenient and efficient to cater to the niches of Jet Ski and Sea-Doo safety. As they automatically haul the water bike above from water level and when required the electrical component puts it back into the water. Most of the electric lifts can rotate into 360 direction providing full control to drivers. They are expensive and require lubrication to save them from corrosion. They are a bit expensive, but more efficient.

Floating Jet Ski Lift is a thick PWC material board which do not bring the Jet Ski away from water but stands between water and Jet Ski. It does not require electricity aid to haul anything. Therefore, it has no motors, gears, wheel and cables are attached to it. Furthermore, the product does not need to be lubricated or greased time to time. This keeps your jet ski safe and sound from rusting and corrosion. Floating lifts cost less as compared to electric ones but requires good driving skills to roll in and out the Jet Ski.

Manual Jet Ski Lifts requires a lot of efforts to haul the weight of Ski Lifts. A system of pullies attached with a wheel is installed at jet ski dock. With the help of ropes, the system is connected to a panel over which you can stand your Jet Ski. With all these equipment the Jet Ski is lifted manually by rotating the wheel.

Hence in a nutshell, when you have made a huge investment to purchase a jet ski, make some to keep it protected as well. At 360 Boat Lifts, we guarantee to deliver jet ski lifts of high quality that will allow jet ski owners to easily lift it out of the waters.

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Safe Haven® Jet-T

Dimensions: 9’3″ x 5’9″
Working Load/Capacity: 1,000 lbs.

img1 3

Safe Haven® Jet-T Ultra

Dimensions: 12′ x 5′
Working Load/Capacity: 2,000 lbs


Tide Tamer Swinger

Dimensions: 2×4 x 53″
Working Load/Capacity: 1,500 lbs.