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Boat Lifts For Boats 27' to 50

Safe Haven boat lifts that make docking and launching stress-free. Our boat lift designs are safe and simply to use. We are committed to helping maximize your time spent on the water and minimize the related effort and expense. Through constant innovations and high quality standards, we provide boat lifts that are safe, easy to use, low maintenance and Eco-friendly.

Safe Haven floating boat lifts enable you protect the hull of your boat from the damage due to blistering or algae growth. Also, protect sensitive metal from corrosion due to saltwater or proximity to electricity.

360 Boat Lifts has become one of the leading names in the industry well known for its quality products. Over the years, we have been one of the preferred destinations to buy floating boat docks or floating docks for lakes. Ever since we got fame as a boat lift manufacturer for boat ranging between 10’ and 27’, we decided to expand our horizon. 260 Boat Lifts takes pride in presenting its loyal customers boat lifts for boats sized 27’ till 50’. We understand how difficult it is to maintain good condition of your boat or jet ski due to local weather and water conditions. Natural disaster also impose a threat on your watercrafts.

In a short span of time, boat lifts for boats 27’ to 50’ has become one of our best selling products due to its affordability and quality. We believe that it is necessary for everyone to utilize a boat lift dock to easily transfer the boat to and from the water. Furthermore, water and other particles may damage your watercraft if it is inside for too long. A boat lift is essential to prevent it from getting bandaged.

Why Choose Use?

  • Floating boat docks are low maintenance and rarely require any fixes. Therefore, the high quality material makes it a popular option for boat owners.
  • We offer peace of mind to boat owners if they shop for tide tamer boat lift from us. Only made using the highest quality materials, you will not have to worry about the future.
  • Along with the easy provision of boat lifts, 360 Boat Lifts also provides various boat dock equipment necessary for installation and functioning of boat lifts.
  • For your convenience, we always prefer to discuss your requirements and provide you with a product that fully matches your specifications.
  • The product range offered by our company is from reputed manufacturers who are serving clients for many years and known for their excellent products.
  • We provide cost-effective solutions to boaters and private watercraft owners to secure their vessels. All the products are available at competitive prices, and we never charge extra in the name of quality or brand.
  • Your convenience is our priority that’s why you can quickly order your required product through our website, and we will deliver it as per your request.


Our Quality

The thing that sets us apart from our competitors is the quality that we provide. 360 Boat Lifts takes pride in offering top of the line boat lift for boats 27’ to 50’. All of our products are eco friendly and require little to no maintenance. This helps us tap a varied global audience.

Our Guarantee

360 Boat Lifts offers guarantee of all its products and materials to give you peace of mind. Making such a huge investment is not easy – and, when an individual plans to do it, the last thing they would want is a faulty or low quality product. Over the years, we have become reputable in the market due to the quality we provide. This has helped us dominate the market for several years now. Our boat lifts are well made and prevent your boat from getting damaged due to algae growth or blistering. These lifts also protect the boat from corrosion via other sensitive metal or due to saltwater and electricity.

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Safe Haven® Harbor 3

Dimensions: 30′ x 11′
Working Load/Capacity: 7,000 lbs.