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    360 Boat Lifts provides comprehensive solutions to accomplish every dock accessory boat requirement. Our wide range of products include lifts for every type of boat, Jet Ski or personal watercraft. Whether you need a floating Jet Ski dock system or Floating boat lift, we are here to help you.

    A Little about Our Company

    360 Boat Lifts cares about every single penny of clients and knows that your watercraft are your love. Being boaters ourselves, we know what your requirements are and how we can offer you with best quality materials. In this regard, our company strives to provide a complete range of Floating boat lifts for personal boats, Jet Ski Lift and other watercraft. Keeping in mind, the need for high-quality products, our company is in the loop with Safe Haven and Tide Tamer company and offer only genuine products from these manufacturers.

    We make sure that every client gets a right boat lift for their vessel and feel contented with our prosureduct that’s why we first consult the consumer. Our boating experts will guide you regarding the boat dock equipment and which product is more suitable for you. Our brilliance lies in our state of the art product material and fulfilment of our promise of providing a complete guide to our customers.

    For Jet Ski Owners

    The designs of our Boat dock accessories are never ordinary but are specially crafted to offer maximum functionality with convenience. Our exclusive Jet Ski floating docks and stand-up Jet Ski docks are manufactured with supreme quality PWC material. We also have electric lifts and high-quality Jet Ski boat attachments available at competitive prices.

    The lifts by Safe Haven boat lifts have the capability of making docking and launching process easy and secure for Jet Ski drivers. Minimalistic designs are highly functional to minimize time and efforts required before and after water fun. Every product is entirely safe, convenient, innovative, and made from eco-friendly material.

    We also have Tide Tamer Swingers for Jet Skis which are the best option for people who wish to have an automated lifting system. The innovative design is specially manufactured for Jet Ski enthusiasts to deliver high efficiency while lifting the vessel. It is a cost effective and long lasting solution which do not require frequent maintenance.

    For Personal Boat Owners

    The hauling systems for personal watercraft include floating boat lifts, electric boat lifts and static boat lifts. Top companies of US manufacture all these systems, and we deliver them with year’s extended warranty. We have divided our product range into two major categories which include boat lifts and accessories for 10’ to 27′ boats and 27′ to 50’+ boats.

    We strive to save your vessels from blistering, corrosion and algae attacks so you can enjoy sailing in your boat years after years. Floating boat lifts and static lifting systems are specially created to protect watercraft at maximum level and to ease up the process of getting in and out from the water. With very little maintenance you can keep your boat lifts like new ones for more than 25 years. We have adopted a superlative approach to satisfy customers for which we provide complete guidance related to boat lifts and vessel hauling process. As per customer`s specifications, we offer them products and also help them to install boat lifts at the dock.

    As a cost-effective solution, we also offer used floating docks to boat owners. All the docks are clean and in excellent condition with no cracks or blisters.

    Why Safe Haven® Boat Lifts

    Safe Haven Systems provide easy and effortless access to the water. Manufactured using only state of the art materials, Safe
    Haven lifts are of the highest quality and durability. Let us help you minimize your effort and expense and maximize your time spent on the water with family and friends.